Pump up your marketing’s effectiveness with tailor-made, packaged t-shirts from Purple Giraffe!
Packaged tees are a highly creative approach to gaining business exposure in today’s competitive, oversturated market. No matter the economic climate, marketing is always a necessity. In fact, marketing experts at Harvard Business School even say that marketing is even more important during downturns. Outshine and outlast the competition’s typical, staid and boring marketing pursuits.
On average, only 0.5% - 1% of consumers read, much less keep, advertising material they receive. Don’t spend your time and money on marketing efforts that are tossed immediately in the trash. Packaged Tees not only have years of use, they’re also a great branding tool for your company.

For 34 years (and going) Purple Giraffe has been screen printing custom t-shirts. We all know that it is a jungle out there. Now we have proof. Purple Giraffe Packaged Tees (ASI#80086), a supplier of packaged tee shirts to the promotional products and retail industry based in Dallas, purchased the former PakTites (ASI#75774) packaged products packaging facility in 2006.

Purple Giraffe approached Mark Kaufman, President of PakTites, in November of 2006, about a possible purchase. Mr. Kaufman originally invented the packaged tee concept for Coca Cola and the NFL in the early 1990s and is considered the pioneer of packaged tees, towels and other unique packaging. He holds utility patents for the same. "The energy and synergy that came out of our initial meetings were fabulous. We were kindred spirits from the get-go. Mark and I even joked about their pink elephant mascot and our purple giraffe, like it was meant to be."