Purple Giraffe specializes in providing you with custom-made compressed t-shirts.

From start to finish, we offer our customers the best quality with even better prices.

Give your next event or promotion a fun, creative and memorable twist.

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We take a regular sized t-shirts and fold it to fit in a into a high tech, delrin plastic mold.

The shape you choose for compressing.

Then we load the t-shirts into the mold and our custom equipment squishes it down.

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the steps

Design it

First, we take your design idea. From geometric shapes, to specifics like an airplane, boot or a car we can also make any custom shape for you.

Compress it

We then compress the t-shirts and seal them with our patented techonology.

Ship it

We ship right off the factory floor and to your door. Most jobs have a turnaround time of 7-10 days at the most.

Wear it

Once you receive your compressed t-shirts, have fun with it! They're always a hit with an audience, whether it's employees, prospective partners, fans, festival goers or expo attendees.


Amazing Shapes

Compressed Tees are great for marketing
Use them for your next event, promotion or activity!

Here is some of our available shapes. Please call or contact us if you don’t see yours listed!